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There are tons of videos that feature both great and very unfortunate poker hands. If you jump on Reddit, you can spend days going through all of the amazing and surprising situations that have happened at the table. The most impressive part is watching the plays and decisions that the professionals make knowing that an amateur would never consider doing the same. Below, we have gone over two of the top 10 poker videos on Reddit.

Paderes vs Gill: Bad Beat Face

This video shows us Carter Gill going up against David Paredes. Gill starts off with an Ace-Ten off suit and Paderes is holding an Ace-Queen off suit. The flop comes out with a Ten-Four-Ace which gives Gill the advantage with a pair of tens.

A round of better happens and the turn card shows a Three. Gill pushes all-in which is a great situation to be in. At the time, Gill has a 93% chance to win the hand and double up. The river card comes up and it shows a Queen. Against all odds, Paredes lucks out with a pair of Queens.

The highlight of this video is Gill’s reaction to the Queen card. You could almost feel the disappointment as you see his face drop on the river card. This hand knocked Gill out of the tournament with a respectable 371st place finish. Apologies are exchanged and Gill makes his way out of the table.

Daniel Negreanu vs. Sam Farha Poker Hand

This is a famous video which features Daniel Negreanu going up against Sam Farha; two legends going head to head. Negreanu calls the blind with an Eight-Nine suited and Farha checks into the hand with a Nine-Two suited. To start the hand, Negreanu has a 34% chance to win, Farha has an 18% chance to win and the third member of this hand, Harrison, is the favorite with an Ace-Jack off suite.

The flop comes up as a Five-Six-Seven. This gives Negreanu a high straight. Negreanu slow plays the hand. Farha raises and Harrision calls. Negreanu, as expected, calls the raise. A King shows up on the turn. Negreanu raises 2,000 which causes Harrison to fold. Farha is sitting on a straight or flush draw so he chooses to stay in the hand.

Farha’s patients pays off as the river card gives him a flush. He raises and Negreanu makes a very impressive decision to fold out of the hand. Folding a straight in that position is a difficult thing to do which is the most amazing part of this video. You can see how accomplished Negreanu is by his decision making throughout that hand.

If you have any appreciation for poker, you will understand how difficult these situations are and how easy it would be to make the wrong move. It is important to remember that poker is a game of skill, however, when it comes down to it, luck plays a big factor. There are many other amazingly unlucky and highly skilled videos out there for you to watch. Reddit has plenty of these videos to go around with new ones being added every day.

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